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Visbiome® is a medical food intended for the dietary management of dysbiosis associated with irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, pouchitis, and hepatic encephalopathy. Safe for daily use.

What is Visbiome®?

Visbiome® is a high potency probiotic medical food, containing 8 strains of live bacteria, which are blended precisely and with a specific biochemical and immunologic profile.

Visbiome® is a specially formulated probiotic medical food intended for the dietary management of dysbiosis associated with IBS, ulcerative colitis, pouchitis, and hepatic encephalopathy. Visbiome is a non-drug therapy that addresses distinct nutritional requirements, to promote microbial balance in people with IBS, ulcerative colitis, pouchitis, and hepatic encephalopathy that cannot be addressed by modification of the diet alone.

  • Visbiome® contains the same formulation found in VSL#3* produced before January 31, 2016 (the “De Simone Formulation”).
  • One of the highest available concentrations of probiotic bacteria
  • Formulation has been the subject of over 70 human clinical trials as a medical food in the dietary management of gastrointestinal and liver disorders
  • Contains highly concentrated natural yogurt bacteria some of which are grown using dairy ingredients to ensure their health and vitality. Trace levels of dairy may be present. The lactose level in all Visbiome® products is well below the National Institutes of Health threshold for the amount of lactose intake generally tolerable by individuals with lactose intolerance.**
  • Shipped and stored cold to ensure maximum potency
  • Satisfaction Program – Money Back Guarantee
  • Non-GMO and Gluten free
  • Made in the USA
  • Safe for daily use

Visbiome® is a medical food intended to be used under medical supervision. 

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*VSL#3® is a registered trademark and is manufactured exclusively for, VSL Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Visbiome® is manufactured exclusively for ExeGi Pharma, LLC and is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or distributed by VSL Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ExeGi Pharma, LLC and VSL Pharmaceuticals, Inc. are different companies and have no affiliation with each other.

**Suchy et al. National Institutes of Health Consensus Developed Conference: Lactose Intolerance and Health. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2010. Vol 152. Available evidence suggests that those with lactose intolerance can ingest at least 12 g of lactose when administered as a single dose with no or minor symptoms. Taking four (4) Visbiome Capsules (for a total of 450 Billon CFUs) would result in ingesting less than 0.01 grams of lactose (approximately 1/100th of a teaspoon of milk).

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