High Potency Probiotics
That Are Gentle on the Earth

As the only company that uses the De Simone Formulation,
we feel responsible for the environmental impact our business makes on our planet.

We harbor a deep sense of responsibility for our

Just as our high potency probiotics restore a sense of harmony within your body,
Exegi Pharma, the maker of Visbiome, is dedicated to creating environmentally
friendly products that balance business needs with green initiatives.



Shipping Package


Warehouse Locations


Product Packaging


Renewable Energy

Shipping Package

No more foam coolers! Our products are shipped cold
in insulate containers, with icepacks. 
We replaced the foam coolers, that are difficult to recycle
with 100% curbside recyclable boxes that offer
the same stellar temperature control to ensure
their product potency.

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Exegi Pharma cares about the environment, and that’s why our
products, office and business practices are sustainable and
eco-friendly. To date, we have reduced shipping volume by 40%,
switched to 100% clean energy for our offices and greatly
reduced our carbon footprint.

Reducing Carbon-Heavy
Air Shipments

Lower C02 emissions! Our expanded warehouse
locations cover both coasts, reducing the need for
carbon-heavy air shipments and emissions.

Sustainable Product Packaging

Less Package inserts and boxes! 
We redesign the package of Visbiome Capsules our top
sales product. We eliminated the box, which reduced
the shipping volume by 40%.
Instead of an insert, you can now scan a QR
code with your phone for product information. 

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100% Clean,
Renewable Energy

Powered by wind and sun! The Visbiome main office
operates on a mix of solar and wind energy through
Clean Choice Energy and is 100% pollution free.

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