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Visbiome® Infant Drops

Designed for Babies’ Tummies

for Colic and Digestive Support

Your baby’s stomach is just beginning to develop its own unique gut flora.
Use the power of probiotics drops to help your baby feel comfortable and healthy.

up to 70% Less
Crying Time*


8 Different
Bacterial Strains

Clinically Tested

Home / About / Visbiome Infant Drops

Visbiome® Infant Drops

Visbiome® Infant Drops is a multi-strain probiotic supplement that contains a special formulation designed for colic and digestive support. It uses the De Simone formulation, which has been subject to more than 70 studies over the course of 20 years.

Each of the 8 bacterial strains was selected for their health and potency characteristics and each drop contains 500 million beneficial bacteria!

*In a double-blind, placebo controlled study Visbiome® Infant Drops reduced crying time in infants up to 70%.

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What Makes Us Different?

Guaranteed Potency

Visbiome® Infant Drops at a Glance

Why we’re one of the best infant probiotics around.

Proprietary Blend of 8
Different Bacteria Strains

Selected for their individual characteristics
and digestive health properties that ensure health and vitality.

Keep Refrigerated

Shipped and stored in refrigerated
conditions. Can be stored at room
temperature for up to 1 week without
adversely affecting potency.


Non-GMO, gluten-free, cornstarch-free,
halal certified and kosher.

Recommended Daily

For digestive support*: 2 probiotic drops once
per day (1 billion live bacteria).

For colic relief*: 10 probiotic drops once per day
(5 billion live bacteria).

Clinically Tested

Contains the De Simone formulation,
which has been widely studied in leading institutions for over 20 years.

Environmentally Friendly

Delivered using carbon offset shipping in
recyclable boxes.

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