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Visbiome is a high potency medical food probiotic, intended for the dietary management of IBS, ulcerative colitis, hepatic encephalopathy and pouchitis. Use under medical supervision.
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Good quality product

I've been using this probiotic for awhile, and it seems reliable and helpful to my digestive system. As someone who had ulcerative colitis and eventual reconstructive surgery, it's necessary to keep things in balance.

Visbiome - Capsules 2 Pack

Visbiome - Capsules
Really helps my gut

I suffer from horrible gut issues and these seem to help a lot

Visbiome - Capsules 4 Pack
Shelley Cunningham
Excellent product!

Works better than all other probiotics that I previously used. I’ve been using Visbiome for 5 years and feel amazing!

Visbiome - Capsules
Clara Barman
Excellent product!

Made a positive difference in my digestion!

Love this product!

I love this product, I’ve been using this for the past 3 years and I will for the foreseeable future

What happened to your eco friendly packaging??

I thought the company had switched out of the big Styrofoam boxes for a more eco-friendly packaging but my shipment arrived in the Styrofoam again. I cannot in good conscience place another order given the amount of waste production I leave behind. Love the product, but not the packaging. Hope that changes.

Hello Morgan,

Thank you for your inquiry. Green initiatives are still extremely important to us but due to the nationwide labor shortage (you may have heard about it in the news) and our increased volume of shipments our shipping supply chain partner hasn’t been able to meet our curbside recyclable cooler's demand.

Our team is committed to the ExeGreen initiative and we are currently researching and evaluating new eco-friendly shipping alternatives. Once we have found a resolution, we will announce our return to recyclable boxes via email.

If you are uncomfortable receiving your order in a styrofoam cooler moving forward, we have provided a couple of alternatives below.

You can order in bulk to reduce packing waste or use our pharmacy locator tool to purchase the product locally.

You can also reuse the icepacks or throw them away.

Thank you,

Visbiome - Capsules
Sheri Whitney
Feeling generally better

After a couple of weeks using Visbiome, I would say that my overall digestion felt better. Less bloating and stomach upset. I will definitely reorder.

Visbiome - Capsules
Eric Devins

Thank you

Love it

Using for nearly a year, it has helped to balance my system. Started spouse using it a couple months ago, he is impressed at how much better he feels.

Great quality product!

Visbiome - Capsules
Flor Bianchi

Visbiome - Capsules

Excellent product. Properly packaged for shipping in the summer heat.

I can't live without these

I started taking these probiotics a little over a year ago because i coworker recommended them for IBS. Since taking these I have had very few flareups and feel so much better. I work in healthcare and care highly about my reputation. I readily recommend these to any all all people who ask for advice because I know this product is the real deal. It is worth the high price point.


This stuff works great. Highly recommend for jpouch folks for keeping pouchitis underwraps

Better BM's

Suffered with constipation for 10+ years. Nothing helped. Nurse Practitioner suggested Visbiome. I take 2-112.5B capsules in morning shake now.
Having daily BM's without having to take Trulance. The BM's are not "normal", but SO much better. No more stomach cramps and nausea. I am so relieved (literally) and grateful for the change this product has given me. I have my mornings back. I would highly suggest it to anyone living with chronic constipation.

Order was fine.

Visbiome - Capsules 2 Pack

Visbiome - Unflavored
Charlotte Swinki

It has helped me tremendously but it is too expensive for me to continue.

Visbiome - Capsules
Molly Walker
Big impact

I was very sick for a few months and my stomach was highly inflamed. It was effecting other parts of my body with brain fog and I was highly emotional all the time. After taking these for a month I’m noticing a huge improvement in my gut health along with my fog and emotions. I’ve continued to take them and still see improvements as I continue to get healthier. The temperature control is also very nice and gives me peace of mind to know my pills have arrived safely.

Visbiome - Capsules
Artrella Sinkler

Visbiome - Capsules

Great product - highly potent

Totally recommended. It’s delivered in a cooler box to ensure efficiency.

Worked Like A Charm

This was my first time trying Visbiome, but not my first pro-biotic trial. These caplets by-far are the best I’ve ever had. Within one month my IBS has come under control. It’s good to feel normal again.

Visbiome - Capsules
LeeAnne Thoms

Visbiome - Capsules

Visbiome - Capsules 2 Pack
Krista Carpenter
Excellent product IF:

I’ve had some issues with past orders on the shipping on this through FedEx, and my capsules were barely cool when I got them. But this shipment finally arrived in a pkg where the ice packs were still pretty much frozen, and the product was in excellent shape. I hope this continues, because Visbiome is an excellent product and works for our 16 year old son and I extremely well. I recommend these 100% as long as Fed Ex does the job they’re hired to do and takes care of this expensive medical product correctly 👍🏻