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Visbiome is a high potency medical food probiotic, intended for the dietary management of IBS, ulcerative colitis, hepatic encephalopathy and pouchitis. Use under medical supervision.
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Great Product

Been taking for years and found Visbiome to be very effective. I use both the capsules and the powders.

Best Probiotic

We have been using visbiome probiotic for a long time. We use it sporadically now and then for accute symptoms, or for a longer 30 days treatments, depending on a situation, it allways helps. I share those with everyone who might benefit from.
With years of experience with those probiotics they are our go to remedy when we see the need for busting immune systems. If the gut is healthy and full of good bacteria no need to worry about candida or salmonella or other bad guys.

Exceptional packing and shipping with ice packs

Daily Intake Magnets
Rajiv Sharma
Dr Rajiv Sharma

Visbiome has done it again. Marc Tewey and his organization is marvelous. Keep up the great work. Go Visbiome!

Visbiome GI Care

Visbiome GI Care
Nidhi Sharma

It has made some improvement to my son’s stool quality and appearance

It works

It works, thank you.

Visbiome GI Care
Lynn Kallas
Visbiome Review

I started this product based on the recommendation from my physician. I have gut issues and constipation. This product after three months has helped me have regular bowel movements without continuous use of a supplement laxative.

Visbiome Advanced GI Care

Visbiome GI Care
Eugene Lofaro
does the trick

A very helpful addition to my daily regimen to counteracts the oral antibiotics i must take

Amazing service

Visbiome GI Care is a great product and the service from ExeGiPharma is great. My product arrived on time and the packing was still ice cold! Thanks!

Visbiome Advanced GI Care

Visbiome GI Care
Fred Catapano
An amazing product!

I have been struggling with microscopic colitis for several years. There's nothing "microscopic" about the symptoms, though! Extremes of discomfort that have been making me miserable. Prescription meds -- even the really expensive ones -- didn't seem to help. I came across Visbiome GI Care while searching the net. I was interested to try it. My pharmacist told me that many patients have found it helpful, so I bought a container. Within a couple of days my swings from one extreme to the other had been tamed! I have been taking several capsules a day for several months now and have experienced no extreme discomfort. I am off my prescription drugs now and relying on Visbiome for relief. Thank you!

Excellent product

Visbiome is best probiotic I have ever used. I have celiac and IBS. My gut feels better than it has in years.

Visbiome GI Care
Janet Rotello
helping get relief

My husband did some research, and I am getting some good results with my IBS situation

Visbiome GI Care
Hayk Sargsyan

Visbiome GI Care

Works well for my husband, not as well for me

My husband's IBS has greatly improved since he began taking two capsules a day. However, I tried taking one a day, and it seemed to be too much for my Ulcerative colitis. I may try again when the current flare is under control. This was prescribed by my ND.

Visbiome Advanced GI Care 4-Pack

Visbiome GI Care - 4 Pack

Visbiome GI Care - 4 Pack
Peter G Eschauzier

Using with success.

Visbiome GI Care
Michel Pina
Antibiotic use

I was recommended this probiotic by my digestive specialist. I have seen so much improvement with my gut health, especially during a long course of antibiotic use. I went from being constipated to having regular movements everyday, and no more antibiotic related diarrhea. I will continue to buy this probiotic from now own!

Visbiome GI Care - 2 Pack
Martha C. Sanders

Visbiome GI Care - 2 Pack


I feel better when I take these:)

Visbiome GI Care
Denise Nales
Amazing Probiotic

Has reduced the amount of gas I usually have due to IBS issues!

Visbiome GI Care - 2 Pack