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Visbiome is a high potency medical food probiotic, intended for the dietary management of IBS, ulcerative colitis, hepatic encephalopathy and pouchitis. Use under medical supervision.
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Works for me, very satisfied with the product and delivery process. Would recommend.

Happy Gut

Our dog Mishka had a very bad tummy due to some medication she on and the emergency vet hospital put her on this medication to help her tummy heal. She’s been on this now for around 8 months and we can see a happy energetic puppy even though she’s 12 years old now.

Visbiome GI Care - 4 Pack
Ankitkumar Patel
Excellent Probiotic

I am UC patient and using this from last 2years. It is really very helpful in maintaining my disease.

So far so good

I have seen a good improvement in my symptoms, but, I'm not 100%. But, better than I was and hopefully to get to where I was years ago, before I developed IBS. I'm hoping with time, things will improve!

Initially it worked but then stopped

I saw results initially but then it went back to what it was ..

Visbiome GI Care
Chris Smith
Always works for me

Visbiome is expensive but it always works for me. I wish it didn't cost so much but it's great.

Visbiome GI Care

This probiotic has made a HUGE difference in my multiple GI issues.

Visbiome GI Care
Product works well

Quality is always good for this product.

Visbiome GI Care - 2 Pack
Patricia R Lawson
Satisfied Customer

Reliable, efficient, and safe way to get a great probiotic.

Visbiome GI Care - 2 Pack
Jessica LaPlante
Working great

digestive issues have improved a lot since starting this product!

Visbiome GI Care
Miguel Martinez
Super Gut!

My gut is feeling super great with the support of good bacteria.

Would be hard to live without it.

Chemo messed up my gi system a lot. Visibiome has been a great help for the last decade.

Visbiome GI Care
Carol Fox

Love it.. helping my IBS D


Visbiome GI Care
Allen Lun g

Visbiome GI Care

Help settle some of my stomach issues!

Definitely helps settle some IBS symptoms.

Visbiome GI Care
Nancy White

Visbiome has helped me get my digestive system under control

Visbiome GI Care - 2 Pack
Carmela Schifano

Good and effective products 👍

The only thing that has worked for my UC all the infusions I terriers failed

Visbiome GI Care
April brown
Helped a lot!

I noticed an improvement of ibs symptoms within a couple of days which was impressive. This has represented a significant improvement in my quality of life. Highly recommend.

Visbiome GI Care
Scott karpf
Probiotics are working

Three weeks in and seeing IBS - M improvement. Hopefully, benefits will continue.

Very excellent product

I love the packets. I was accustomed to taking 1 capsule. 3x per day. Now I tried to figure out the measure of the powder for 3x per day--I take 1/8th tsp 3x per day. It tastes great right off the spoon or with some yogurt or kefir. It does wonders for the gut. So grateful for this indispensible jewel!
Many thanks!

In a word, fabulous

Very good probiotic

Visbiome is the best probiotic to treat diarrhea and is more effective, helps you go normally.

This was a tremendous help in achieving remission from ulcerative colitis.

This is a wonderful probiotic - the best I’ve found. Visbiome played a major part of my protocol for gaining remission from ulcerative colitis. I feel like Visbiome not only got me back to 100% wellness, but my digestion is now better than what I used to consider normal.. Claudio De Simone has done a great service to mankind in developing Visbiome.