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Visbiome is a high potency medical food probiotic, intended for the dietary management of IBS, ulcerative colitis, hepatic encephalopathy and pouchitis. Use under medical supervision.
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Visbiome - Capsules 2 Pack


I appreciate the new eco-friendly packing.

Always a good experience from placing order till at my door.

Fantastic Product

Thank you!

Worth it

Excellent probiotic. So nice to not have the excessive bloating that would take days to resolve itself. I love the 4 pack option and auto-replenishment options - definitely keeps me on track and makes sure I don't miss a day!


Good service and prompt response.

Very pleased.

I am very pleased with visbiome. I have taking it for many years. It is the only item that has helped me.

Our probiotic

Recommended by our GI doc. Have used 2-3 years. Great service Always received cold

Excellent service

Very quick to respond to inquiry. Provided exactly the information I requested. Wish other companies responded so quickly and accurately!

Excellent product

Best probiotic I’ve used

Taking Visbiome has helped me better control my IBS symptoms. I especially like being able to increase/decrease dosage depending on symptoms.


Very fast shipping

Love These!!

My world has changed dramatically with Visbiome!! I feel like an entirely different person. I strongly recommend Visbiome!!

makes my tummy feel yummy!

this pro biotic is a lifesaver!!!

Improved Packaging

The new packaging is environmentally better and the twist top is easier to use. Deliveries are timely. Same great product!

Packed well!

I like that you changed the cap to the container from flip top to unscrew. It is so much easier for me to open the container. Thank you!

Visbiome Capsuls

Order came as expected no issues. Very happy with delivery system.

A++++ Life saver

Been fighting pouchitis for over a year on and off of antibiotics a few times. Did some research and and found this great product. Night and day difference after 1 month of taking them.

Finally an Infant Probiotic I trust!

I’ve personally been using Visbiome to rebalance my gut which was shown to be out of whack with a number of tests. It worked wonders for me. Literally wonders. So naturally when I was pregnant I used Visbiome daily in my 3rd trimester and still to this day.

My baby was born via C section. So into a sterile environment where he was deprived of the final seeding that happens in the birth canal. This is why Visbiome infant probiotic is so important to me. I need to build my sons gut and ultimately immune system.

This probiotic has been great for that.

My only wish is that there was a better way to keep the probiotic mixed with the liquid. It separates creating a clump in the tip of the tube.

Given the quality this isn’t a deal breaker but an opportunity

Hello Rosa,

Thank you for the feedback! We recommend vigorously shaking the bottle to prevent clumping and ensuring the powder mixes smoothly with the MCT oil.

Thank you,

Visbiome - Capsules 4 Pack

Great product

Fast ship and very well packaged. Good product