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Visbiome is a high potency medical food probiotic, intended for the dietary management of IBS, ulcerative colitis, hepatic encephalopathy and pouchitis. Use under medical supervision.
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My Order

My order arrived on time and as ordered, with exceptional packaging! Thank you!

Visbiome - Unflavored

Works very well

Helps with digestion issues, after only a month of use. Great product

Didn’t work for me

I really wanted this to work for me because VSL3 did for me back in 2017 but I don’t notice a difference at all. I think everyone is different.

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate you making us aware of your experience. Our customers experiences are extremely important to us.

Great product

Helps control my ulcerative colitis. Take full 8 pills daily. Very helpful

Thank you for your review. We are happy to hear that Visbiome is working well for you. We wanted to mention that we offer Visbiome Unflavored 450 billion bacteria per packet.

With the Unflavored 450 billion bacteria per packet, you would only have to take 2 packets per day instead of 8 capsules. Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Team at 844-348-4887 if you have any questions.

Visbiome - Capsules 2 Pack

Visbiome - Capsules 2 Pack
Kathryn Peterson


Great Service

Packaging was great and it kept the product nice and cool even though shipping has delayed the shipment.

Seriously Surprised It’s Working!!

I’m in my early 40’s- I have Crohn’s (11 surgeries), IBS and some other functional GI disorders. My typical day involves a lot of pain, too many trips to the bathroom and basically being a slave to my own body. Not cool. My diet is incredibly restricted and causes a lot fear- as I know that what goes in…must come out.
I’ve tried 3 other probiotics over the years & nothing has helped.
I started Visbiome 4 months ago at the urging of my gastroenterologist and we immediately stopped it as we thought it was causing me additional trouble. I stopped keeping any food down right around the same time I started Visbiome. Turns out I had a raging GI infection and it had absolutely nothing to do with the Visbiome . Once I got through the infection which took some time…my Dr and I restarted the Visbiome. I tolerate it very well.
It’s been 5 weeks of 2-3 caps daily and it is working.
I refused to talk about the possibility that Visbiome was responsible for my improvement for fear I’d jinx it.

It IS the Visbiome. Give it a try. Fourteen days ago I started eating salads again, daily, after 2 years of not being able to go near them. The biggest bonus that has been life changing? I’m only in the bathroom 1-2 times a day in the morning most days. That means I have more energy, I’m not fighting as much dehydration and overall- it helps my mental health to a degree to have my Crohn’s and IBS symptoms more manageable (for me).
I should note that my Crohn’s is in remission thanks to IV drugs, but the IBS still rages and Visbiome has seemed to calm that down quite a bit.
I’m honestly shocked. I know every BODY is different but if it’s helping to turn my goat rodeo of a body around- I know it will help others.

Visbiome has made a difference

I have ulcerative colitis. Taking Visbiome along with being on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet has made a significant improvement in my condition. I feel as though I am working toward being free of UC in the near future. I am grateful to the researchers who are making a difference for those of us with digestive diseases.

Good but late

Our order arrived cold, which was very good. But, I paid extra for a faster delivery, and it arrived 5-6 days after the order was made, so no different than regular delivery.

Thank you for making us aware of your negative experience. FedEx at times has delays in delivering packages and we are sorry that you experienced a delay in receiving your package. I am happy to hear that the product arrived cold. We have reached out to you directly to discuss rectifying the issue.

Anytime there is an order issue please don't hesitate reaching out to our Customer Service team at 844-348-4887 so that we can assist with rectifying the issue.

Visbiome Extra Strength
Christina Chambers
Helped a lot.

I’ve noticed a big improvement.

Helps alot

Good product

Helpful on my healthy journey

My husband recommended these probiotics which were helpful. Although we don’t have the conditions these probiotics were originally formulated for, these probiotics are good for repairing and maintaining gut health from daily food consumption. Thank you!!

The Best!

Not all probiotics are created equal. If you have IBD this probiotic is worth its weight in gold.



Thank you for your feedback.

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Visbiome - Capsules 2 Pack

Visbiome - Capsules 2 Pack
Linda Alexanderson
Great probiotic

Recommended by my doctor. Delivered in an environmentally conscious cold pack

Visbiome Extra Strength

Visbiome Extra Strength

Too early to tell yet

Visbiome - Capsules
Brenda Arnett

I’m a physician and recommend this all the time for my patients but used in my mother after she had complicated surgery and got her back on track! I had an issue with shipping that customer service corrected and all worked out.

Visbiome - Capsules 2 Pack
Willa Dean Balusek

Visbiome - Capsules 2 Pack

Visbiome - Unflavored

Great Product

I had an episode of pouchitis and was not responding to antibiotics. I was very anxious to get this situation under control and I ordered Visbiome. Shipping was very fast, thank goodness! I started taking Visbiome, 6 per day. Luckily now, the symptoms are subsiding with the help of Visbiome. I have been a long time customer of VSL#3 and now Visbiome. I am very grateful that a product especially designed for my particular problem exists. Thank you, Visbiome!

Visbiome - Unflavored
Angela Sanders
This is the best probiotic I have ever taken, I only use 1/2 packet

My digestion is so much better and I do not have UTIs anymore.