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Visbiome is a high potency medical food probiotic, intended for the dietary management of IBS, ulcerative colitis, hepatic encephalopathy and pouchitis. Use under medical supervision.
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Visbiome - Unflavored

Visbiome - Capsules
Mary Jewett

Visbiome - Capsules

Great probiotic

I have been taking this for years to help offset problems from IBS. Works great!

Visbiome - Capsules 4 Pack
Herbert H Jacobi

Shipment arrived on time and properly cooled. Have been taking this product for years and always satisfied with results

Visbiome - Capsules 2 Pack

Visbiome - Unflavored
Kathryn Mulligan
Fast and efficient

Great product and great service. Package was cold upon arrival.

Visbiome - Capsules
Ronald Leary
Great product

Great product. Great service! Nice to have company with reliability.

We’ve used visbiome for several years and wouldn’t use anything else.

Good product

Works better than anything I’ve tried.

Visbiome - Unflavored
Sharon McKeon
Love this 1

Dr. prescribed it many years ago when it was by prescription only and it solved my problems right away. It's great that I can order direct now and it comes perfectly packed and preserved. I stopped ordering from another source as they mailed and it sat in my mailbox in 110 degree heat which I did not like. This manufacturer packs it beautifully and quick delivery. Never had an issue with the product not chilled well. Thank you for your great service!

Visbiome - Capsules
Jane Kietzer

Visbiome - Capsules


So far, I'm really loving these. Thanks for making an excellent product!


Great product which I take each day. The delivery service was exceptional and even came a day sooner then scheduled.

Thank You.

Best Probiotic available!

Awesome to replenish the gut microbiome after antibiotics. An absolute must for IBS.


The product keeping going even with ulcerative colitis. Best thing since sliced bread.

Best on the market

I have used Visbiome off and on for several years. A friend recently had the triple therapy for H.pylori. The strong antibiotics started the unpleasant intestinal response that antibiotics cause. Just two days on Visbiome and it was under control. Visbiome is worth the price hands down. Delivery was on time, ice packs still frozen. I use the coolers to deliver meals to home bound friends.

Happy hiker

Gut issues have plagued me for too long and I was apprehensive about going on the multi day wilderness trips I had signed up for. A friend highly recommended Visbiome so I decided to give it a whirl.
So glad I did. On all three wilderness trips my gut behaved.
Thanks Visbiome.

Outstanding customer service

Visbiome has the most outstanding customer service! Their follow up is always in one day. Any requests I have had they respond right away and are always extremely helpful!
I am so impressed with them and thankful to find a company that is so efficient and service oriented!

Visbiome - Capsules 4 Pack

Visbiome - Unflavored
Maryann Dreikorn
Longer Delivery

Delivery longer than usual and ice packs melted again. Supervisor Customer service though was great!

Visbiome - Capsules
florence teiger
best I have tried

I had a e coli infection that devastated my gastric tract. Visbiome has repaired it after a month's use so I am finally off an invalid diet. Thank you!

Great Pro-Biotic

I take this pro-biotic on a daily basis and it seems to help my digestion quite a bit.
The ordering process is very simple and the packaging (Cold packs inside a Styrofoam cooler) and overnight shipping is faboulous.

Best probiotic!

Visbiome is the best probiotic I’ve used. The delivery is prompt, and I have never had a bottle that has been exposed to heat. It has made a big difference in my IBS!

Visbiome - Capsules
Cindy Dougherty


It works!

I suffered from IBS-C for a very long time. The constipation could be caused from pain meds, a redundant colon, or a tortuous colon. Who knows!? My nurse practitioner suggested Visbiome. In a short amount of time my BM problems improved. The Visbiome didn't solve all of the problems, but made it so much better that I stopped taking Trulance. I rarely suffer from gas, bloating and nausea now. I am so thankful for this product. I highly recommend it.