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Visbiome is a high potency medical food probiotic, intended for the dietary management of IBS, ulcerative colitis, hepatic encephalopathy and pouchitis. Use under medical supervision.
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I am fortunate that a friend told me about Visbiome. I have only been taking a packet a day for two weeks but already see such an improvement in my GI tract.
Thank you.

Very helpful for my son’s j-pouch health

After a bout of pouchitis, my son’s doctor recommended the visibiome capsules
Very effective at keeping him healthy, and no downsides or bad side effects.
ordering is easy and shipping is prompt.

Visbiome - Capsules
Alma Torres
No opinion yet

I've been taking them for 2 wks but I haven't yet formed an opinion, yet.

Visbiome - Unflavored 2-Pack
Laurita Hollingsworth

Visbiome is a very affective probiotic. I have tried many and find Visbiome my first choice.

Bes Probiotic Ever

Consistent Quality and Effective Results.

Helps gut health

I’ve been using this product for over a year and have found that it keeps my overly sensitive gut more stable than it has been in years.

Visbiome - Capsules 2 Pack
Bridget Beresford
Great product

I've been using this for quite a long time and it has done wonders for my stomach issues.
Thank you for this great product.

Visbiome - Capsules
Debra Kraber

excellent product and company


Best probiotics I’ve tried. Helped me and my Fiancée out a lot!

Visbiome - Capsules
Adam Everett

Visbiome - Capsules

Visbiome - Capsules 2 Pack
William McDermott

Very happy with Visbiome. Recommend it to anyone suffering intestinal issues.

Visbiome - Capsules

Visbiome - Capsules

Love it

I love Visbiome! They are such an amazing product and with amazing customer service :)

Outstanding refrigerated packaging and service

I am delighted with the price, refrigerated packaging and overall excellent delivery and service from ExeGi Pharma - Visibiome


I gave this product a second chance and I’m not really knocking it but it’s just not looking that well for me. It works well for my daughter who has some special issues so I think it works great for some and not so for others?



Visbiome - Capsules
shafiul khan
Last shipment the ice packs were room temp

Last shipment the package was not cold. The ice packs were room temperature. Previous shipments were good.

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention regarding your order arriving warm.

Visbiome may arrive with the ice packs melted depending on ambient conditions during shipping. We include a temperature sensor monitor that will activate if your order experienced any temperature deviations that would affect product potency during shipping.

Allow me to explain the design and functionality of the temperature sensor monitor. The sensor is purposefully engineered to function inside a closed shipper box during transit, ensuring the optimal temperature for the product therein. It is not intended for use in an open-air environment, meaning that leaving it outside for an extended period is not its intended usage.

The temperature sensor monitors are designed to specifically safeguard against the potential risk of excessive heat during transportation. Everyday conditions like normal room temperature, holding it in your hands, or keeping it in your pocket are unlikely to trigger the sensor, as these fall within the sensor's standard technical parameters and do not qualify as excessive heat.

This technology involves a one way chemical/heat reaction. Colored dye is entombed in a specially formulated wax like substance that is engineered to melt when excessive temperatures and durations are reached. When that happens, the wax like substance melts, and the dye is absorbed by the wick which will show in the viewing window. This is a one way reaction, as once it happens, even if the sensor is reintroduced to cooler temperatures, the red dye is still visible.

Always check the temperature sensor monitor when the package arrives. If the dot is white the product is good to use.

While not widely known, it's important to note that Visbiome remains stable at room temperature for up to one week after being received by the customer, without adversely affecting the products potency.

I trust that this information has provided reassurance and alleviated any worries you may have had regarding the product's integrity during the shipping process.

If you would like to discuss your personal experience in more detail with our Customer Care team please feel free to contact them at 844-348-4887 or

Your continued support of Visbiome is highly valued and appreciated.

Life changing!

This stuff works! After trying all kinds of supplements; this finally worked for me.

Love Visbiome

My whole family uses Visbiome while we’ve been treated with antibiotics. It’s been a potent probiotic even in the capsule form and keeps our gut protected effectively during antibiotic treatments

Recommended by my nutritionist

I started taking these per recommendation from my Nutritionist. My order arrived within the time expected and clear instructions were included since the product needs to remain refrigerated. So far I haven’t noticed any immediate change since I haven’t taken them long, but they’re very easy to take.

Cost too much

Honestly if the price was cheaper, I would be interested in buying these all the time. However, there are never any discounts, codes, sales and the price break you get for subscription is still not worth their cost. Lower your prices! You’ll sell a lot more products

Excellent product and service

Excellent product and speedy delivery with FedEx.

Top Notch Service and Packaging.

Visbiome always sends the highest quality products quickly and most importantly, kept in the perfect packaging to make sure that its product is 100% effective.

Good product

The pills work very well. The shipping was timely and the packaging kept the pills cool. I am disappointed with the recent price increase. The pills were already at the high end of the probiotics price range and this pushed them further that way.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We're thrilled to hear that you found Visbiome capsules effective and the shipping experience satisfactory.

The pricing of Visbiome reflects its unique formulation, which incorporates specific probiotic strains backed by extensive research and quality assurance. These strains require specific manufacturing processes and rigorous testing to ensure their potency and effectiveness.

While Visbiome's price may be higher compared to some other probiotics, we believe its proven benefits and quality make it a valuable investment in your health.