Low FODMAP recipes for your guts

  • Thanksgiving

  • Halloween Treats

    A list of Low FODMAP Halloween treats that won't spook your guts!

  • Low FODMAP Marinated Beef Kabobs

    Enjoying a nice evening around the grill with friends or family can be the highlight of the summer. But Gut related dietary restrictions can be a challenge. One way to navigate these tricky diet circumstances, is to prepare one or two dishes that you know you can eat without major issues. This way you can control the condiments and vegetables included in the preparation. Try this marinated beef kabobs
  • FODMAP Friendly Full-Loaded Pork Nachos

    This recipe's main ingredients are pork and nachos. The key to this recipe is the toppings. You can pick the ones you feel comfortable with and skip the ones that will likely be tough on your gut. If you don't tolerate cheese in general, you can explore plant-based alternatives or skip it completely!


  • Cookies Dipped in Chocolate

    Don't be envious of your child’s sweet treats! Chocolate is low FODMAP and dark chocolate can be your best friend in the holidays. Try this low FODMAP recipe: cookies dipped in chocolate and enjoy with the whole family!


  • Low FODMAP Chocolate Cupcakes

    Chocolate is the perfect low FODMAP ingredient to incorporate into a sweet treat recipe for a special occasion or just because. On San Valentine's we created this Low FODMAP Chocolate cupcake recipe, the perfect dessert for a great date.