Low FODMAP Halloween Treats

That won't spook your guts!

If you are following an elimination diet like the low FODMAP diet or just have some gut issues... you might think that treats are out of the question! The good news is that we've compiled some recipes that are gut-friendly (and low FODMAP), so you have the option to indulge this Halloween! Check out all the recipes we have for you!

Cookies Dipped in Chocolate

You can choose whatever shape you want for these gluten free cookies, and the dark chocolate dip, is your low FODMAP best friend!

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Caramel Crunch Popcorn

Popcorn itself is low FODMAP (you could even have up to 7 cups!!) 
You can eat it plain, with butter, or make it sweet for a light crunchy dessert!

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Chocolate Cupcakes

They're not traditional Halloween Treats, but you can play with colors and decorations to make them more festive. Besides, who doesn't like a chocolate cupcake?!

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Pumpkin pie bug balls

Enjoy some seasonal pumpkin spice flavor with these delicious crunchy snacks! Turn them into spooky spiders using pretzel legs and pumpkin seed eyes - this is also a great at home activity to get the kids in the halloween spirit!

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