Make an Appointment with Visbiome® Extra Strength  GI Care

Visbiome® Extra Strength GI Care is a high potency probiotic medical food delivering 900 billion live bacteria per packet – the highest available bacterial cell count on the market.

It is only available with a prescription from your physician.

If you are experiencing unrelenting digestive unease, or have been diagnosed with IBS, ulcerative colitis, pouchitis, or hepatic encephalopathy, ask your doctor about Visbiome Extra Strength.

Be sure to tell your physician if you are:

  • Taking antibiotics  
  • Pregnant 
  • Lactating 
  • Sensitive to dairy and/or lactose intolerant 
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Already Have an Rx? Keep Reading…  

To Order Visbiome Extra Strength:  

Purchase directly from You can purchase Visbiome Extra Strength directly from the manufacturer. Once you have your prescription, the button below to request authorization.
Request at your local pharmacy: Most pharmacies can place a special order for Visbiome Extra Strength. Reference product code 69355-0516-01 when requesting Visbiome Extra Strength at your local pharmacy.
Pharmacy questions can be directed to ExeGi Pharma at (844) 348-4887.

Does My Insurance Cover Visbiome Extra Strength GI Care?  

Visbiome Extra Strength is covered on a limited number of health insurance and managed care plans.

Contact your insurance provider or your local pharmacist to determine if your plan participates.

Please note: Insurance billing is not available on

Customers who do not have insurance coverage or do not wish to seek coverage may purchase Visbiome Extra Strength directly from ExeGi at a discounted price with a healthcare provider's prescription.