Holidays got your Guts in a Knot?

The end of the year is around the corner; and with that comes many festive interruptions to our typical healthy habits. Whether it is social gatherings (or virtual gatherings) or shopping days, they tend to disrupt our regular diet. On top of that, the preparations, additional chores, or general uncertainty can add extra stress or even anxiety to our lives.

Some of us will feel the repercussions of these seasonal changes in our guts. If that happens to you, you are not alone. Follow these quick tips so you can enjoy the holidays with a happy tummy!

1. Plan ahead.

If you follow a special diet or have some dietary restrictions, plan the menu or snacks you need to eat ahead of time. If you are going on a long day of shopping, check the restaurants in the area to determine if any meet your dietary needs. Most menus are available online. If you don’t have options in the area, then you can pack snacks. It is better to be prepared than to risk eating something that could disturb your guts (especially if you are not home). If you are having dinner with friends, offer to bring some side dishes aligned with your dietary requirements or that suit your preferences.

2. Make a List, check it Twice.

We all know the ominous feeling we get when we forget something; could be a grocery item for dinner or a present for someone important. The best way to reduce anxiety during the holiday season is to make a checklists.  If you have a lot of activities to do over the weekend, make a list to keep yourself organized: buy presents, stop by 'x' store/house, send holidays cards, etc. By creating a checklist, you will feel that you have everything under control, reducing the anxiety and stress that often accompanies preparing for end of the year holidays.

3. Take some time to breathe!

Sometimes we allow the holidays to take over our peace, and we end up stressed out and unable to enjoy the preparations or celebrations. Every day you should take some time to decompress. You could exercise, take a short walk outside, do some stretches, meditate, or take 5 min to simply relax, breathe, and recharge your batteries.

4. The most important! - Don't forget your probiotics

Individuals suffering from dysbiosis associated with digestive disorders understand how even a single missed dose can disrupt daily life, and so much going on, you could forget one dose. Put your alarm or have a plan to remember to take your daily dose of Visbiome, get greater digestive relief, and stay regular during the holidays.

This year, Covid 19 has demanded many changes in our routines and reshaped our interactions with loved ones. The holiday season will be a little different from other years, but that does not mean that we cannot enjoy every moment with our friends and family, whether in physical gatherings or virtual meetings. So, plan ahead of time, make a checklist, and take some time to recharge, but most importantly do not forget to take your probiotics. 

Happy holidays, and a happy new year!