4 Essential Tips to Consider When Choosing
the best Probiotic for you

When choosing a new product it’s always important to consider the primary benefits you expect to gain so you can determine which company will provide you with the best value for your dollars. When it comes to health products, it’s especially important that you research and explore your options so you invest in the best product for you. Investing in your health is always money well spent. Here is an essential list you need to consider before choosing the best probiotic to meet your needs.

Tip #1: Ensure it has a tested Formula supported by research
Some probiotics are not even tested on humans before being placed on the market. Select a probiotic that has human clinical studies with related scientific publications to be sure you are taking a product that is safe to use. If you are looking for a probiotic for a specific issue, verify that the benefits promised are backed up with research and clinical trials.

Tip #2: It’s Alive! Well it should be... The bacteria should be alive and vital
Probiotics are live bacteria that can be negatively affected by exterior factors like heat or humidity. If they are exposed to high temperatures, the bacteria will die and the product will lose potency. Do you know how many bacteria are still alive in your probiotic by the time you take it? Pick probiotics that are kept cold instead of on the pharmacy shelves for a long time.  Ensure that the probiotic has third party studies that certify the quantity and quality of the living bacteria is maintained until its' best used by date.

Tip #3: Make sure the probiotic concentration will meet your needs
The total concentration of bacteria in a probiotic plays an essential role in its effectiveness. Remember to check if the probiotic concentration is sufficient to act and ensure the bacteria's survival in your gut. There are 1012 organisms in the intestine, so you need a good number of bacteria to fight against the pathogenic bacteria and recolonize!

Tip#4: More strains are better only when they work as a team
Mixing different strains does not mean it is more effective. We tend to think the more bacterial strains, the better. This only works if all the bacteria strains work as a team. The synergy among bacteria strains is paramount to yielding positive results.  Without team work the good bacteria would compete or destroy each other.

Use these tips to investigate new probiotics you want to purchase so you can feel confident about your investment.  

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