Remedies for Colic in Babies, What Are the Most Effective?

Anyone who has ever cradled a wailing newborn in one arm while frantically typing “remedies for colic in babies” into a search engine at 3 a.m. knows what a helpless, haggard feeling it can be.

Frequent and prolonged bouts of intense crying that occur for no apparent reason, the dreaded colic. These episodes usually occur in the evening when parents are typically exhausted. Colic tends to peak at approximately 6 weeks of age, before ultimately declining around the 4-month mark. Even though the crying will resolve with time, managing colic adds significant stress for the parents.

Of course, there must be an underlying reason for these frightening and stressful episodes. Experts believe probable causes may include:

  • Food allergies or intolerances 
  • An undeveloped digestive system 
  • Over or underfeeding 
  • Family anxiety 
  • Early childhood migraines 
  • Microbial imbalance 

There are a number of suggested home remedies for colic in babies. Some of the most common and effective are:

  • Choose a better bottle: Specially designed nipples with smaller holes help your baby swallow less air. Too much air intake causes gassiness. To further help your baby, sit them up while feeding them, and be sure to burp your baby during and after mealtime. 
  • Rock ‘n’ roll: Don’t crank up the iTunes just yet. However, sound and motion can be successful in calming colicky babies. Strap your infant into a chest carrier, a swing, or a stroller – the rhythmic movement may do the trick. An impromptu car ride can also work magic. Soothing hums, and other white noise, like the sound of a fan or a running dishwasher are effective distractions, and classical music has its supporters, too.
  • Schedule some tummy time: A change in position often offers relief for colicky babies. Lay your infant across your stomach or lap and try rubbing his or her back. It’s not only one of the most tried and true remedies for colic in babies, but it also helps build stronger neck and shoulder muscles.
A better long-term solution

While many of these options may provide temporary relief, the fact remains that in spite of these home remedies existing for decades, colic continues to be an ongoing, disruptive dilemma for so many infants and their worried families.  In recent years, however, science has made so many new discoveries regarding the gut and how critical it is to a person’s overall health.

In fact, researchers believe that an imbalance of a baby’s microbiota is one of the most likely causes of colic. When the bad bacteria in a baby’s gut outweighs the good, discomfort and inconsolability can result, along with frequent restless nights for the entire household. A multi-strain probiotic may provide relief.

Visbiome® Infant Drops are specifically designed for soothing a baby’s tummy, which is just beginning to develop its own unique gut flora. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study Visbiome Infant Drops reduced crying time in infants up to 70%! Visbiome Infant Drops contains the proprietary De Simone Formulation, which combines eight bacterial strains chosen for their unique health and potency characteristics. The De Simone Formulation has been the subject of more than 70 peer-reviewed studies over the course of 20 years.

Be sure to discuss any of your baby’s symptoms and conditions with your pediatrician. If your baby is struggling with colicky symptoms, Visbiome® Infant Drops may provide relief.

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