Low FODMAP recipes for thanksgiving season

Even your guts will love them!

Thanksgiving season is here, and everything is flavored with pumpkin and spices. This season we gather with friends and family around food and drinks. Here is a summary of our 4 TOP gut friendly recipes, that could make a big part of your thanksgiving menu or you can make them separately.
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Pumpkin Smoothie

Enjoy the flavor of the pumpkin in a delicious smoothie with your daily Visbiome Dose.

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Pumpkin Pie

A classic of the season, in a Low FODMAP friendly version to share with family and friends.

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Festive Stuffing

The low FODMAP festive stuffing is a versatile recipe that everyone can enjoy!

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Pumpkin bread

The low FODMAP pumpkin bread is  a delicious recipe for thanksgiving or just any day of the season

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