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Starting Visbiome Extra Strength

How to Order Visbiome Extra Strength

Visbiome Extra Strength (900 billion live bacteria count) is a medical food available with a prescription. Visbiome is covered on a limited number of health insurance and managed care plans. Please contact your insurance provider or local pharmacists to determine if your plan covers Visbiome Extra Strength.


Order through local Pharmacies 

Visbiome Extra Strength can be special ordered through most local pharmacies. Please reference the product code 69355-0516-01. If your pharmacy has any questions, please ask them to contact ExeGi Pharma directly at 667-401-6275.


Purchase Directly from ExeGi

Buy directly from the manufacturer with your health care provider's prescription. To order online, please Click Here to request authorization to purchase directly. Insurance billing not available through direct ordering from ExeGi. Request Authorization to purchase Visbiome Extra Strength

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