Don't let stress disrupt your gut

Don't let stress disrupt your gut

Due to the pandemic, we have all been adjusting to a new normal every few months for the past couple of years. As we return to our offices and kids return to in-person classes many of us are readjusting to common stressors like traffic, school prep, and/or juggling work and home life. Below are a few tips for thriving during the adjustment period to your new routine.

1. Plan Your Meals Ahead: 

Working from home and eating most of our meals at home resulted in healthier meals for many of us. Packing lunch to take to the office has become a chore which sometimes (or often for some of us) results in takeout, which may be packed with ingredients that are not gut-friendly. Plan ahead of time to pack your lunches and snacks, research food services that are gut-friendly and meet your needs, and identify some key take-out items that will not disturb your gut.

2. Create a Checklist of Your Weekly Activities:

Stress could be one of the more significant IBS triggers for some people. You may have more activities on your schedule than usual these days. We all know and dread the ominous feeling we get when we forget something. The best way to reduce anxiety during a busy time period is to make a checklist. This way, you can reduce anxiety through organization and your sense of having everything under control will increase.

3. Don't Forget your Visbiome Probiotics:

Whether you're sticking to gut-friendly recipes or giving in to the occasional carry-out temptation, Visbiome can help restore balance to your microbiome. The bacteria species found in the De Simone formulation in Visbiome are variable pH resistant, meaning their metabolic processes produce lactic acid, which allows them to survive in a much lower pH like that of the human stomach. Just remember not to take Visbiome within 15 minutes of consuming any hot liquid or food.

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