ExeGi is focused on research and development of microbiome science and expanding the use of Visbiome in a variety of therapeutic areas.

Human Studies


Disease State

Primary Endpoint


Trial Design

Estimated Enrollment

Multiple Sclerosis Pripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (pBMCs), Serum Neurofilament Light Concentration Newly Diagnose Type 1 Diabetes Controlled vs prebiotic 20
Newly Diagnose Type 1 Diabetes Effect of Multistrain Probiotic on Imnune System Inflammation as measured by plasma transcription analysis Medical College of Wisconsin Single Blind Placebo Controlled 60


Blood immune activation -Percent change in blood immune activation (co-expression of CD38 and HLA-DR) on CD8 T cells at week 48

Canadian HIV Trials Network

Double Blind Placebo Controlled


Autism Spectrum Disorder

Changes in severity level of ASD symptomatology, Delta of scores at Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-2

IRCCS Stella Maris Foundation, Ministry of Health Italy,

CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology

Double Blind Placebo Controlled**


Autism Spectrum Disorder Change in Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC) -- 12 weeks of treatment University College, London Double Blind Placebo Controlled 110

Cirrhosis plus Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis

Changes in bacterial translocation.

Changes in systemic inflammatory response and systemic oxidative damage. 

Changes in cognitive function.

Foundation Research Institute of the Hospital de Sant Pau, Barcelona Spain

Double Blind Placebo Controlled**


Pre-Diabetic Adolescents

Change in microbiota composition

Change in microbiota composition (Secondary)

University of Settle Double Blind Placebo Controlled 16
Eradication of Extended Spectrum BetaLactam (ESBL) colonization in adult Rate of participants that have changed from ESBL-negative to ESBL-negative. Lund University Double Blind Placebo Controlled 80
Portal Hypertension Nocturnal systolic blood pressure -- 8 weeks Charite University, Berlin, Germany Double Blind Placebo Controlled 110
Severe Depression Hamilton Depression Score University Psychiatric Clinics, Basel, Switzerland Double Blind Placebo Controlled 60


*This project is supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under cooperative agreement UA3 MC11054 – Autism Intervention Research Network on Physical Health. This information or content and conclusions are those of the author and should not be construed as the official position or policy of, nor should any endorsements be inferred by HRSA, HHS or the U.S. Government. This work is being conducted through the Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network serving as the Autism Intervention Research Network on Physical Health.

**Clinical product reported as Vivomixx(r). The De Simone Formulation under evaluation in these reported studies is available as Visbiome® in the U.S. and Vivomixx in Europe.

Veterinary Studies

Disease State

Primary Endpoint


Trial Design

Estimated Enrollment

Canine Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Dogs with IBD were randomized to receive either probiotic or combination drug therapy (Metronidazole/prednisone)


Evaluation with histology, CIBDAI, CD3+ cells, FoxP3+ cells, plasma, citrulline, microbiota analysis.

Texas A&M University, Iowa State University, University of Camerino (Italy)

Double Blind Randomized-Controlled

34 Dogs

Acute Hemorrhagic Diarrhea Syndrome (canine)

To evaluate the efficacy of probiotics in the treatment of acute hemorrhagic diarrheal syndrome in dogs and to characterize the changes in bacterial microbiota during the course of disease.

University of Munich


60 Dogs