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  • Pumpkin Smoothie

  • Food Journaling for IBS: Unlocking Triggers and Enhancing Well-being

    Discover the power of food journaling for managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms. Learn how keeping a detailed record of your food intake and symptoms can help identify trigger foods and patterns, leading to improved symptom management and overall well-being. Explore our blog to get started on your food journaling journey and unlock a path to a better quality of life with IBS.
  • Minding the Gut-Liver-Brain Connection: Revolutionizing Your Well-Being

    By Melody Khorrami, PharmD, RPh, INHC     Delving into the intriguing sphere of microbiome science, one can't ignore the rising interest in the Gut...

    What is the "I Love U" Abdominal Massage Technique?The "I Love U" abdominal massage technique is a gentle massage technique that involves tracing the shape of the letter "I" and the letter "U" on the abdomen. This technique is believed to stimulate the digestive system and promote bowel movements, making it an effective way to relieve constipation.
  • Constipation Relief Techniques: The "I Love U" Abdominal Massage

    Discover the 'I Love U' abdominal massage technique, a natural, gentle approach among constipation relief techniques. Learn how to perform this method and understand its potential benefits, including promoting bowel movements, enhancing blood circulation, and reducing abdominal discomfort. Explore this unique way to support your digestive health today.

  • IBS vs. Gluten Intolerance. What is the difference?   

    By Melody Khorrami, PharmD, RPh, INHC       Confused about the difference between IBS and gluten intolerance? This blog post explores the similarit...
  • Probiotic Trio: Exploring the Three Most Common Types of Probiotics

    By Dr. Melody Khorrami, PharmD, RPh, INHC Probiotics are live microorganisms that are intended to have health benefits when they are consumed. They...
  • Love and GI issues: IBS and Dating

     By Melody Khorrami, PharmD, RPh, INHC Dating in the modern world is incredibly difficult. It is hard to find the right person, but it is even hard...
  • How do probiotics work?

     Dr. Melody Khorrami, PharmD, RPh, INHC The human body isn’t just made up of our own cells. We host around 100 trillion microbes. Over 500 species...
  • What is Leaky Gut?

    The intestinal barrier in the human gut has important immune defense components. This barrier includes an epithelial (outer) layer and mucus. The mucus lining of the intestines absorbs nutrients and water from the food we eat. The semi-permeable nature of the human gut causes some of this food to enter the bloodstream.
  • Safety & Efficacy of Probiotics

    Over the past decade, the microbiome has become a growing area of interest in health & medicine. One aspect of microbiome health that has becom...