Visbiome® Vet probiotic to be the subject of two new clinical trials in domestic dogs

Visbiome® Vet probiotic to be the subject of two new clinical trials in domestic dogs

Rockville, Md., September 12th, 2018 –ExeGi Pharma is pleased to announce two new clinical partnerships with the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia and the University of Tennessee to study the Visbiome Vet probiotic in domestic dogs. Both studies will evaluate the probiotic’s effectiveness in managing canine gastrointestinal disorders. Visbiome Vet is an 8-strain probiotic compound with an extremely high concentration of beneficial bacteria (112.5 billion bacteria per dose). The formulation in Visbiome Vet is one of the most extensively studied probiotic products for pets, as it has been the subject of four controlled clinical trials.

The University of Georgia will research and evaluate effects of the product on diarrhea levels in dogs post-surgery. Diarrhea is a common occurrence in dogs following surgical procedures and anesthesia. This placebo-controlled study will evaluate the incidence and severity of diarrhea, as well as changes to the canine microbiome.

The second study will be conducted by the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture. The research will evaluate reduction of severe diarrhea in canine acute gastroenteritis after consumption of Visbiome Vet. This placebo-controlled study will compare the safety and efficacy of Visbiome Vet to dietary changes with a specifically formulated medical diet, or antibiotics (metronidazole). 

Pets, like humans, are host to a complex ecological community consisting of trillions of microorganisms. This bacterial community, which is commonly referred to as the microbiome, consist of good and bad bacteria that live on and in the body. Good bacteria exist in a beneficial and symbiotic relationship with the host. In recent years, scientists have come to a better understanding of how alterations in the gut microbiome can impact certain diseases. Visbiome Vet beneficially alters the gut microbiome of companion animals by introducing a high concentration of helpful bacteria to help normalize some forms of gastrointestinal disorders. While antibiotics are commonly used today to treat diarrhea, these treatments may lead to long term antibiotics resistance.

Many researchers and doctors are now advocating for the supplementation of probiotics. Veterinarians are also supporting the use of probiotics in animals. “Gastrointestinal disorders are a common cause for pet owners to seek the medical care of a veterinarian,” said Dr Al Jergens, DVM, PhD.  “Modulating the gut microbiome with high potency probiotics may prove to be a valuable tool to help these pets manage clinical signs of GI disease, including diarrhea.” 

Visbiome® Vet is available exclusively through veterinarians and veterinary pharmacies.

About Visbiome® Vet

Visbiome® Vet is a new high potency probiotic for use in companion dogs to help support normal inflammatory responses in the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) and to help normalize gut health.

The formulation in Visbiome Vet contains an eight-strain proprietary probiotic blend that has recently been studied in several canine GI disorders. Visbiome Vet is the identical formulation to Visbiome®, a human medical food that has been the subject of over 60 clinical trials.

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