100% Curbside Recyclable shipping box

Visbiome® products are now being shipped in 100% curbside recyclable boxes, eliminating the need for EPS foam, which has long been the standard for cold chain shipping. These new, branded boxes provide a better fit for your products and offer the same stellar temperature control to ensure their potency.

Excellent thermal performance

The new shipping box material performs as well as an EPS foam cooler, maintaining the temperature controlled environment during shipping to ensure Visbiome potency.
The interior liner, ClimaCell®, is specifically designed to withstand heat exposure and protect your Visbiome probiotic during shopping. The liner contains thousands of tiny air pockets, designed to trap the air and prevent heat from infiltrating the package

ClimaCell® Interior liner

The interior liner is made from renewable plant-based components and paper, making it the ideal replacement for unsustainable insulators. Unlike rigid EPS foam coolers, ClimaCell® box liners can fold flat easily. To recycle, simply place the folded box in the bin with the rest of the cardboard.

New design

The new shipping box also comes with a new distinct design, making it easier to identify your Visbiome shipment and quickly place your products in storage, safe from the heat.

ExeGi Pharma, the makers of Visbiome, is committed to environmental sustainability as part of its ExeGreen Initiative. These new boxes will help to cut down on landfill usage and reduce our carbon footprint. It’s just one more way ExeGi is taking steps to protect our environment.